About RajSpiceMeUp

Three years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour and given two months to live.  At the time, my daughters were six months and six years old.  I saw oncologists, specialists, and naturopaths.  I underwent numerous chemotherapy treatments, and when that failed, an alternative cancer treatment called oncothermia, which was not covered by medical.  Then one doctor suggested that I start taking turmeric pills.  I said, “Why would I do that?  I eat it all the time.”

Turmeric is a bright yellow Indian spice that contains curcumin, a powerful ingredient that’s been clinically proven to slow the progression of various cancer cells.  Several other Indian spices also contain cancer-fighting qualities – fennel, saffron, cumin, and cinnamon to name a few.  When the doctor enlightened me on the health benefits of Indian spices, I realized that I had the power to take control of my health through the recipes of my childhood in India.

For more than a year now I have been following a wholesome, healthy diet heavily featuring Indian spices.  As of my last brain scan, the tumour has significantly shrunk and I am now in remission.  I personally believe that I was healed by these spices.  Now, I want to help introduce the people of Chilliwack to the magic of Indian cuisine.

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