Raj Bining’s cooking class was friendly and relaxed with a hands-on approach that got everyone involved. I enjoyed the social atmosphere and the cultural insights into Indian cuisine. I gained a better understanding of the spices, their preparation and the importance of proper process in cooking chicken korma. As well, Raj provides insight into the many health benefits of Indian spices. Of course, the payoff was an amazing meal. Her class was a very enjoyable and informative way to spend a few hours, and I will definitely use what I learned to expand my cooking repertoire.

Steve Steinebach - U.F.V Chilliwack B.C January - 27 - 2018
What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Raj brought her fabulous cooking skills and knowledge of the benefits of different food and spices to our humble kitchen to unskilled cooks and made us feel like a chefs of exotic cuisine for a time.

Laughter and chopping,  stirring & learning. The food was AWSOME! we are signing up for more!!

 Reg & Cristine Grimard. February, 2017 
                                                                     Haley Grimard & Markus Rissiek. February, 2017
Spice Me Up! this is the class was all about Spices, the group was eager to attend the class. As the class we talked about what the food and spices benefits for our body’s. This was the best class ever, I will miss our gathering and thanks for the spice classes. Thanks Raj for your teaching ability.

All my relations.

 Della Victor, Cheam Indian band, B.C, November 2016
Spice me up! cooking classes were very educational and all about health benefits . Each class was about the individual spice , I have used the spices for health reason and I will be continue to cook. I share the wonderful recipes, even the grand children enjoyed the time in the health building enjoying eating the spice food and yummy teas.

 Whonda Tommy, Cheam Indian band, B.C, November 2016
Would be awesome to make a cook off or have a potluck one evening as everyone from past and present classes and everyone will make a dish and bring it or all of us will make one dish. How about if we make a class with sweets and pastries. p.s I miss placed her spice tin can I please get new one…..please.

 Jean Douglas,Cheam Indian band, B.C, November 2016
Raj has a great personality. She is a great teacher and I am always excited for the next cooking class. And when she teach she explain everything in the spice tin. When is the next class RAJ?..

 Ashely, Cheam Indian band, B.C, November 2016
The Spice me up classes in my opinion was a great opportunity to explore a new culture of cooking. It was a great way to learn how to use all of the spices appropriately. I got to taste a lot of tasty and nicely spiced foods. But most off all I had fun and learned A LOT..

 Katrina, Cheam Indian band, B.C, November 2016
Good introduction to Indian Cooking, not a found off the Chai Tea..

Rick Czerny, Harrison B.C, January, 2016
I enjoyed the cooking class I loved different version of some of the dishes. I cook regularly. Enjoyed learning the Chai Tea, and Spinach and Paneer – a dish I have only had previously in the restaurant . I be doing this dish at HOME!!!.

Liz K, Agassiz B.C, January , 2016
The Indian cooking class with Raj was AWSOEM, I didn’t know anything about this style of the cooking and feel I learned a lot about the spices and the Health benefits of it all..

Katrien De Brouwer, Agassiz B.C, January , 2016
Loved the class , great cooking style , excellent flavor and tasted delicious. Thank you Raj! I enjoyed the food you are showing how to make and hope there is more to come.

L.B.D, Cheam Indian Band, 2015 -2016
These classes have helped me in my healing journey, helping the process. Absolutely love, love, love all the health benefits of the spices and cooking with different food, and specially cauliflower!!!.

Chemaine, Cheam Indian Band, 2015 -2016
I will always come back; very tantalizing flavorous. Learning everyday to keep me happy and healthy.

Judy, Cheam Indian Band, 2015 -2016
At the Spice Me Up! calss everything we make or do in the class I enjoyed it very much.

Kirby Dale, Cheam Indian Band, 2015 -2016
Thank you Raj, you have a spirit and tenacity!! Thank you for the lovely evening . YOU are fun and the food is fantastic. Great tasty Pakora’s, I have a better understanding of how complicated it is to cook Indian food. Butter Chicken was flavorful and tasty too!!!!

Berry Penner, Chilliwack B.C, April 16, 2016
The evening was fun and informative. The food tasted amazing and we had a blast doing it. Two delicious thumbs up!!!!

Kristy, Chilliwack B.C, April 16, 2016
Raj was a ton of fun!! And very educational and informative!!

Angela Fox, Chilliwack B.C, April 16, 2016
Raj is amazing! KNOWLEDGABLE, fun and super ENGAGING. I haven’t had a lot of Indian food and now I am HOOKED! Can’t wait for my Samosa cooking lesson !!!

Joyce Laffin, Chilliwack B.C, April 16, 2016
Raj is so awesome to learn cooking from. She made it a really fun evening. the food she taught us about, was delicious!!!

Jackie Berkes, Chilliwack B.C, April 16, 2016
Raj is SASSY, SPUNKY, FUN & ENJOYBLE to learn from. We learned a lot about nutrition and had fun doing it. A great way to spend an evening doing something different.

Rhonda Ward, Prince George B.C, April 13, 2016
What a great night. Raj is such a good cook and we had such a fun time. And the food was delicious!!!

Teresa DeGroot, Chilliwack B.C, April 13,2016
Delicious food. Great way to spend a fun evening and we learned so much. Lots of humour with the learning.!

Joan Bohac, Chilliwack B.C, April 13, 2016
Such a fun evening! Raj was a great teacher and so fun to spend our time in the kitchen with. Highly recommend!!

Samantha Bohac, Chilliwack B.C, April 13,2016
Raj is a radical roti maker, and Girls had a lot of fun!!! Pakora’s were Excellent!!!!

Tony DeGroot, Chilliwack B.C, April 13, 2016
We made a very delicious and healthy red lentil salad. It was a blast spending the day learning about the spices and ingredients!!

Kevin, Vancouver B.C – Mar 28, 2015
The appiz were delicious – thank you so much for the wonderful relaxing afternoon. Raj, thank you so much for the awesome experienced. We learned so much and even enjoyed it more cooking, can’t wait to do this again……..love it Spice Me Up!!

Jag McMillan, Maple Ridge B.C – June 13, 2014
I learned so much about the benefits of the spices used in the food – Loved the food. Loved everything! The PAKORAS were great! Love the background knowledge behind all the ingredients! Thanks…

S.K. Enns Chilliwack B.C – Mar 22, 2014
Raj is very knowledgeable about Spices, and the health benefits, origin and how to use. She is very personable I had a great experience. A great cooking experience Pakoras were absolutely delicious! Easy to follow will be cooking these all the time. PRICELESS!! Thank you……

Terry Enns Chilliwack B.C – Mar 22, 2014
Yum! Delish Veggi Pakoras were so tasty. Gobi and roti were quick and easy to make. Thank you for a great cooking experience. Will be cooking these all the time….:)

Johanna and Bae Chilliwack B.C Mar – 20 – 2014
Such flavor, much spicy! mmmmm…… Thank you for teaching us how to make our favorite foods and how to use the spices. Now WE know how to make but better than restaurant food which had been our only option until now. Clearly the best! your teaching style is so perfect for beginners as I am. Everything turned out to be a delicious success. And I helped out! Excited to try this on my own at home, thank you.

Ron and Mary-Jo Rodlin Langley Mar – 14 – 2014
Thank you for your excellent service. We really appreciate the extras you gave us and the info about the different spices. We will follow you on your web site.

S. Sanders Feb – 27 – 2014
Wonderful experience, friendly knowledgeable teacher, who imparts her knowledge in an entertaining and practical way. Thank you for great day my heart Raj..

Anne and Erwin Temsland Feb – 12 – 2014
Raj, thank you for coming here on such a short notice, this was perfect evening and GREAT food..

Rob – Cultus Lake Feb – 08 – 2014
Have a wonderful time learning to cook new things and how to use spices! Delicious food with a great personality!.

Courtney – Cultus Lake Feb – 08 – 2014
Thank you for a very informative and entertaining evening. The knowledge you passed on is invaluable ……. Especially to EMPTY THE LAST DROPS FROM A WINE BOTTLE. We will see you again, and pass on your story to our friends. Raj, fabulous food very interesting and delicious food. Had a fun and entertaining learning experience… Loved it.

Kim and Judy Percy – Cultus Lake Feb – 08 – 2014