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Welcome to Raj’s Spice Me Up! where the amazing world of Indian spices and cooking become accessible to you, in your home, at prices you can digest. I am not only selling spices, I will also give you a tool that you can apply to daily life. For my friends who are frugal, I will provide your whole family with healthy and inexpensive meals. Furthermore, I will always be there for any advice you may need in the future when you are creating your authentic meal on your own.  I am only a phone call away . . .

As well as cooking lessons I will also provide you with spices.  I will come to your house in your own kitchen, where you are most comfortable, to teach you the technique that you will use for years to come. Furthermore, if you decide to have a special occasion with friends and family, but want to kick back and enjoy yourself, I will cook and serve for you.

At Spice Me Up! I can design a cooking lesson specifically tailored to your dietary needs. I will develop recipes for you and will use your feedback to create, combine and complement the exotic spices around your dietary specifications. I believe when prepared properly and thoughtfully, there’s no such thing as a boring meal or unfulfilling food.

Having a small family I am always looking for healthy and quick meals for my household. In the past three years I have learned about the healing properties of foods that can cure more than doctor prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. I firmly believe that you are what you eat.  You can choose to have a cup of fruit or a piece of dark chocolate or a doughnut, the choice is yours. Also, I learned that if you want to know what you are eating then you have to cook it yourself, you need to know what are you putting in there that make your taste buds go WOW…………

If you are interested in my cooking and want your family to have a healthy, happy life, please book a cooking lesson……..

Raj Bining
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