Fourteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery was very successful, I felt great in a week, and went to work part-time. And, I did not need Chemo and Radiation at the time. I started to clean my life at that time, I noticed that I have so much unnecessary stress in my life. So, I ended up getting a divorce from my now ex-husband and working on my dreams again. Try to spend lots of time with my older girl, 3 years old Evelyn.
I went back to university and started upgrading for whatever I need to do before I can take a university management course. I ended up getting a management diploma from UBC.
As time went by, I got back into playing women’s soccer, I was dating my current husband at the time. After a few years we got married and I had my second daughter who was born in July 2010.
We had a practice game in November and I was playing against my doctor as we were leaving, my doctor asked how I was doing, I had a sinus infection which I can’t get rid of . She said are you still breast feeding? I nod yes! She said she’s going to Mexico for the Christmas holidays. She also advised that don’t take any antibiotics as it will get to my baby through my milk.

When she got back, she called me to ask me about my sinus infection, I told her yes, I still have it but now I also have a headache. She sent me for a CT scan, my appointment was at 7:30 am, she called me by 8:30am to come see her ASAP. My tumor is back. Three weeks was my surgery and then Chemo and Radiation.

After 3 months of Radiation and Chemo for a year, I was pretty excited about my result but when my husband and I went to see the oncologist after asking her at least 15 to 20 questions. She said, I am sorry there is nothing out there, ‘’she only has two months to live’’. I didn’t believe her but my husband did.
We got home and my husband was a mess sitting on the couch emailing my MRI files to any one out there with the subject “Help Us”.
He was sending my files to: National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR): Research for a Cure
And Mayo clinic: Cancer Care at Mayo Clinic are a few….
I can still see him just crying being so sad, he will find me in the house and hold me and I could feel his heart crying “I love you so much Rajji” he will whisper to me.

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